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acquacalda / Federica Castagno and Sara Petrucci

Active in Turin since 2007 we work as designers and as creative and technical consultants for Italian and international brands and design studios with competences in product design, interior and exhibition design and communications, applying in a transversal way our method.


"For us utility and aesthetics are two values mutually related, we believe that a proper formal interpretation is the direct result of a linear design method that starts from the functional assumptions of the object to return its form.”

acquacalda/interview for La Cucina Italiana, 2011

"Often, a good synthesis naturally leads to a concrete and direct develop of the green aspect and to a project for its nature sustainable in many aspects (ecological, economic, social).

An harmonious relationship between function, form, material and production systems often conducting to a sustainable expression of the starting idea. "

acquacalda/interview for ECOLOGIAeDESIGN, 2012



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