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       bicchiere? e caraffa?                                                                                               


Bicchiere? and caraffa?, a normal drinking glass, a normal jug that, clutching upward in a drop-shaped profile, becomes at the end of a meal in a useful container for watering plants and flowers with water to spare.
A simple intervention to enable a conscious gesture, to focus attention on the value of how even small details, we can improve our lives.

Blown borosilicate glass.


BASTAPOCO / everyday objects made of materials commonly used
The commitment is to make full use of established technologies and applications* and translate this thought into simple objects, where the eco-friendly aspect, manifests itself in their simplicity of form and function that is, simple interventions, of formal and  functional improvement, that express their inherent potential in terms of environmental sustainability.
*The glass is a suitable container for beverages to be brought to the mouth using one hand. The drinking glass is typically made of glass. The first records on the practice of recycling of glass to the ancient Romans, who knew even then that the glass melts at a lower temperature of its components thus making the recycling process quicker and less expensive.






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