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Comfortable is a table inside the circumference, square shaped, it structures itself in three dimensions thanks to a study on a harmonic relationship between the base circumference and the square of the plan surface circuscribed in it. Cuts and folds modelled on the design of a system that allows for converting the felt base element plan geometry in the three-dimensional volume of the table. The carrying structure of the table is formed by folding along the sides of the square the four arcs of circumference delimited by the top of the plan surface inscribed, the four legs are positioned at the vertexes of the square perpendicularly to the support plane along its corner bisectors.

Partially hardened wool felt, treated with shearing, antipilling and anti-stain processing.


Square inscribed in a circle
The square is an even polygon, and like any even polygon it is inscribable in a circumference. By tracking the bisectors of the inner angles, four isosceles triangles are obtained, all congruent and have a vertex in common  which is the center of that circumference. An even polygon is symmetrical to every line passing through a vertex and the center.

a project of the collection              ......

Progetti di ispirazione geometrica

Geometry is the part of mathematical science that pertains shapes in the plan and in the space and their mutual relations, its birth was due to the desire to represent reality, and in particular objects in three dimensional space in which we live. Thanks to a process of formal schematization the collection propose and represent  the reality of simple objects, the geometrical cue elaborates a clear and explicit synthesis between form and function and increases their potential recounting their concreteness through the form.






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