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The term equalness, in Mathematics, expresses the relationship between two different expressions but they have the same numerical value; in society it is an expression of the social principle that everyone has equal human dignity. The triangle, in Geometry, is suitable for a metaphor of equalness. Diversamenteuguale is a set of geometrical inspiration aimed at the cutting and at the service of cakes, pizza or food usually cooked in a baking pan, designed on the basis of the triangle-medians relationship. Based on this relationship, with diversamenteuguale you can create slices (of cake or other) having a different shape from another one but quantitatively identical, an equal portion for everyone that has different form. Just follow while cutting the medians  engraved on the cutting board, generated by the two triangles that make up the base rectangle(*) to slice the cake in a symbolic, creative, fun and educational way. The process which has a double meaning metaphorical-practice is extremely involving and educational; enjoyable for adults and children thanks to other tools that make up the set, the graduated shovel-ruler, useful when following the medians correctly  with the cut and the knife-pencil, symbol of the project  geometrical abstraction.

*The triangular drawing has been duplicated on the cutting board in order to get a rectangular shape suitable for packaging food in baking pans. Subjecting a right triangle to the rotation of
π around the hypotenuse midpoint a rectangle is obtained whose diagonal is the triangle hypotenuse.

Beech wood / knife with beech wooden handle and stainless steel blade.


Triangle medians

The median in a triangle is the segment connecting a vertex with the midpoint of the opposite side. The triangle is divided by the median into two triangles having the same area. All the other lines that divide the triangle into two equal surface parts pass through the barycenter. To conclude the result is that all the triangles derived from the intersection of the original triangle medians have an equal area but a different shape.

a project of the collection              ......

Progetti di ispirazione geometrica

Geometry is the part of mathematical science that pertains shapes in the plan and in the space and their mutual relations, its birth was due to the desire to represent reality, and in particular objects in three dimensional space in which we live. Thanks to a process of formal schematization the collection propose and represent  the reality of simple objects, the geometrical cue elaborates a clear and explicit synthesis between form and function and increases their potential recounting their concreteness through the form.






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