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Mediopiccolo is a beer glass for beer in a bottle with a double capacity, which bases its function on the relationship between the volume of the cone and the volume of the cylinder. The result is equal to sizing a cylinder with an internal one liter capacity (100cl) and placed inside a cone which has the same size, the internal capacity of the cone is 33cl whereas the remaining volume (the result subtracting the cone volume from the cylinder volume) is 66cl. The glass, cylindrical in appearance, may contain alternatively the two different amounts of liquid by simply reversing its orientation: if the tip of the cone is positioned upwards, the glass may contain 66cl of beer, if the tip of the cone is turned downwards, the glass may contain 33cl of beer.

Printed borosilicate glass.


Volume of the cone

Volume V of a cone with height h and base r is a third of the volume of the cylinder that has the same dimensions (same h, same r).

a project of the collection              ......

Progetti di ispirazione geometrica

Geometry is the part of mathematical science that pertains shapes in the plan and in the space and their mutual relations, its birth was due to the desire to represent reality, and in particular objects in three dimensional space in which we live. Thanks to a process of formal schematization the collection propose and represent  the reality of simple objects, the geometrical cue elaborates a clear and explicit synthesis between form and function and increases their potential recounting their concreteness through the form.






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