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Quadrangolo is a table inspired by the geometrical dissection logic that develops its potential in functional terms. The table is made up of two identical modules and it is modular in two different but equivalent formal solutions simply by putting them closer. The alternate modules combination shaping two tables usable differently. They have a different intended use, the square and rectangular shape of the surface plans have equivalent areas but a different size and layout. A multipurpose table that adapts to multiple situations and functions. The square version (90x90cm) may easily accommodates four guests, the rectangular version (60x135cm) may be used as a table for six, as an integrated work surface or as a console.

Lacquered birch plywood / painted metal support.



Dissection in Geometry is dividing a polygon into a finite number of parts when recomposed form another polygon equivalent to the first one. The Bolyai-Gerwien theorem states that two polygons having the same area are equidecomposable. Or rather, may be divided into a finite number of parts, two by two congruent.

a project of the collection              ......

Progetti di ispirazione geometrica

Geometry is the part of mathematical science that pertains shapes in the plan and in the space and their mutual relations, its birth was due to the desire to represent reality, and in particular objects in three dimensional space in which we live. Thanks to a process of formal schematization the collection propose and represent  the reality of simple objects, the geometrical cue elaborates a clear and explicit synthesis between form and function and increases their potential recounting their concreteness through the form.






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