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Vase for cut flowers: the addition to the side of a ceramic vase of a transparent tube allows it to "communicate" constantly the level of water remaining inside it.

White glazed ceramic / blown borosilicate glass pipes.


Principle of communicating vessels

The principle of communicating vessels is the physical principle according to which a liquid inside two containers communicating with each other reaches the same level. The liquid doesn’t have a proper shape but takes the shape of the container that contains it. For this reason, if you pour a liquid in communicating containers, though different in shape, it gets at the same level in each containers.
a project of the collection              

Fisica applicata /
To experience daily actions.

Applied Physics in general is based on physical sciences fundamental truths and most important concepts, but is especially interested in the application of these scientific principles in practical systems. Applied Physics for design has led to direct design solutions particularly tangible and useful, allowing to transform everyday objects in scientific instrumentation. Vases, bowls, shakers become instruments of direct knowledge without losing their original function; form, closely connected to function, stimulates the user’s curiosity and interactivity. As the object becomes  intellectually stimulating, it triggers the concept of an enjoyable object; a collection of objects for different uses share a common language.

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special mention |  young&design 2013






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